General information

The rooms are avalable for 20 euro per hour: From 10 to 22:00 monday til saturday
the rooms have all gear needed and when there is help needed you can always ask one of the crew members they are there to help you.
we take great pride in our service.
The rooms are the best place for yo and your band to train with your band or just have fun making music.
You just Arrive and start playing. Everyting is ready for you and you band/crew

Studio room

Studio rent = 20,- per hour (bring your own producer)
Studio rental+ producer = from 55,- per hour
Studio rental + use of other spaces (in consultation with us) = 50,- per hour
Studio rental + use of other instruments (in consultation with us)= 45,- per hour
Studio rental + bitter garnish 2x = 34,99
Studio rental + bitter garnish / other snacks = from 6,75

Rehearsal room:

Space rental = 20,- per hour
Room + short movie = 35,- per hour
Space + appetizers 2x = 34,99
Space + appetizers/o= other snacks = 6,75


1 photoshoot is 30,- per hour
Photoshoot with several people = 10,- extra pp
Company photos= km costs + 30,- per hour 

Video Shoots

Video shoots:
1 full music video clip (everything is recorded for you) = price in consultation
1 camera male= 35,- per hour
1 editor= 35,- per hour