Rules !!

  • ❶ Apart from the crew, do not bring their own drinks or food.

  • ❷ All smoking products are prepared outside and smoked in the smoking area.

  • ❸ Before 17.00 no alcohol consumption in the studio by crew members.

  • ❹ Clean up all plastics and other waste yourself.

  • ❺ Return rooms in good condition after use.

  • ❻ Do not turn off mixing tables yourself in rehearsal rooms. This is what the crew does.

  • ❼ Every member of the crew helps with maintenance and cleaning.

  • ❽ In control rooms no drinks if no owner of stuff.

  • ❾ DO NOT stand on cables.

  • ❿ Respectful interaction and neat language.

The polluter pays per room after a check round. Damages will be charged. Theft and or destruction means police / lawsuit and claim for damages. Camera surveillance provides evidence per action.